Early Detection

After a month of discomfort, it’s finally mammogram day for me. Between having a hysterectomy in my early 30’s and just dealing with skin cancer, I know early detection is key.

Please if you have a suspicious lump, a weird freckle or if your period is wonky, make an appointment!

Indian Spiced Mignon(ish)

It may not be filet mignon but this Indian Spiced entree is very Mignon(ish)’ and just as delicious!_

2.5 lbs ground beef
Full-fat Coconut Milk

Thank you Indian_Paleo_Cookbook(Instagram)for this supper tasty recipe!

Lazy Keto-Paleo Pizza

Had a huge craving for cheesy pizza but didn’t feel like taking the time to make a keto-paleo crust…so eggs it is. YuM! Craving satisfied!

Fitbit & Foot Pain

Barely managed to squeak into first this week because my foot started causing me pain. I’m trying to find a balance between being active and going easy because I’m not going to risk re-injuring my foot at any cost. This week my front yard will keep me active and weights will make me sweat.

Become Fearless

God wants us to OVERCOME our fears to BECOME fearless.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self discipline. ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

Buffalo Chicken Breakfast Casserole

Last weekend, I made ‘Buffalo Chicken Breakfast Casserole’ from Living Loving Paleo. It was such a BIG hit with my household, I made it again! YUM!_

Keto Big Mac Salad

I saw this on Facebook last week and suddenly a huge craving for a McDees Big Mac hit me. Years before I went Paleo and now Keto-Paleo, fast food was my emotional crutch and Big Macs played a part of that. Now I’m dealing with issues from the past in a positive way and get to enjoy the my “Healthy Big Mac”.

On the BRIGHT Side

Went to my optometrist yesterday to get some new glasses and saw this wonderful reminder to “Always look on the BRIGHT side of life” in his office.

Love his positivity but hate that he reminded me that due to the “number of candles of my cake” a stronger prescription is required.

With both in mind, I’m grateful that I’m on my way to ensure that my 40’s are going be great because of clean eating, increased exercise and self love.

Face-to-Face Friday

A few weeks back, I put a shout-out on Facebook asking for family & friends to send me photos from the past few years. Here’s my “Before” and “In transition” photos.

It’s a Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Journey

My transformation is not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. My weight loss journey includes God. Last night I had a wonderful time with my two friends at a TobyMac concert. Three years ago if anyone would have told me I’d suggest going to a Christian concert, I wouldn’t believe them…I LOVED it!

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