You ARE Beautiful!

Photo Credit: www.nourishandeat.comI’ve been in my upper 100’s, in my 200’s, was halfway to my 400’s and am now fighting to get out of my 300’s. No matter what size I was, society let me know that I didn’t fit their narrow definition of beauty. And I bought into it.

Stop believing the lies the media pushes and realize that the most beautiful thing about someone has NOTHING to do with the size of their pants and everything to do with the size of their heart.


BREAKFAST’S READY: Sausage Veggie Casserole

So glad that this sausage breakfast casserole was made last night in preparation of a very early morning swim meet. Now feet are up, belly is full and a movie is playing. HAPPY SATURDAY!

1 sweet potato, peeled and diced. $1
1 yellow onion, diced $1
1 red pepper, diced $1.75
1 pound sausage (I use Jimmy Dean Sage) $3.99
1 can of coconut milk $1.55
2 slices of bacon, uncooked and diced $1.25
8 eggs $2.50
Salt/Pepper/Garlic to taste
TOTAL= $13.04/8 = $1.63 per serving

1. Preheat oven to 375°. Cook sausage, drain juices and set aside.
2. Add sweet potato, onion, red pepper and bacon to pan and cook until sweet potato is tender.
3. Mix sausage and veggies together and add spices.
4. Add combination to greased 9 X 13 casserole dish and spread out evenly.
5. Add coconut milk to whipped eggs and pour on top.
6. Cook for approximately 30 minutes. ENJOY!

Left alone, it’s Paleo friendly. Topped with shredded cheese, it’s considered Keto.

KETO SNACK: Pork Rind Nachos

Pork Rind Nachos! Oh My Goodness! Go buy a bag and make these tomorrow. These were so amazing and satisfying. Perfect for a relaxing night of movies.

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