30 Day Arm Challenge: Day 17

Photo Credit: Jodi Higgs

Photo Credit: Jodi Higgs

“The Arm Challenge” is kicking my butt and I have to admit that I have not done it in two days because my arms and legs have been so sore. So what I am going to do is go back to day 17 and do it, have a rest day, do Day 18, have a rest day,… etc…Jon was mentioning that the lactic acid that builds up when doing all the reps needs move out and that 20-30 minutes of cardio afterward will help move it along and decrease some of the soreness.

Today’s modifications are:
1st cycle:
35 seconds of Plank & 35 Cobras …
32 dumbbell presses & 32 tricep
45 bicep curls
37 second punches
33 squats

2nd cycle:
32 dumbbell presses & 32tricep
45 bicep curls
37 second punches
32 squats

*35 seconds of Plank & 30 Cobras (in lieu of 30 push-ups)
*64 dumbbell presses & 60 tricep extensions (in lieu of 60 dips)
*90 bicep curls
*75 seconds of punches
*65 squats


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