Adios kankles & 13 pounds!

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I have lost 13 pounds! (where’s the large font when you need it?)

I have what my husband calls “Blogger’s Feet”…feet that swollen and sore with a splattering of broken blood cells from pressure. I use to have a high arch to my foot but that too disappeared with my weight gain and when inactivity set in. Within two weeks time, my feet are no longer swollen, are only slightly sore and although broken blood cells can still be seen, so can my ankle bones!  I no longer have kankles! YIPPEE!


  • I have hit up the treadmill twice since last posting about dragging it out and dusting it off
  • I have given up bottled flavored sparking water when I noticed that Aspertame was in it, and am sticking with water, tea and a couple of cups of coffee daily (using So Delicious French Vanilla Coffee Cream).
  • I am finding ways to curb cravings and am beginning to feel a difference…not in pant size but with my joints.



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