Bacon Wrapped Dates


The lovely nurse that prepped my husband for shoulder surgery overheard me mention bacon and took that opportunity to share her favorite bacon recipe with us and I am so glad she did! This combines two of Jon’s favorite things and together the combination becomes one of a favorite of mine! This is a perfect appetizer for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday and more and it’s super easy.

8 slices of bacon (Smoked Applewood tastes great)
16 Medjool dates
16 pre-soaked toothpicks

1. Slice strips of bacon in half.
2. Wrap around Medjool date, cutting off any bacon that overlaps.
3. Skewer the wrapped date with a pre-soaked toothpick.
4. Placed on baking sheet, bacon seamed down in preheated oven (375 degrees).
5. Cook for approximately 7 minutes on one side.
6. Turn over and cook for additional 5 minutes (or cook until desired crispiness).

TASTY OPTIONS: Add an almond or a cashew to the middle of the date or use prosciutto instead of bacon (Thanks Ed for that last idea!).

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