Busy with the Flu (first week of being Paleo)

Got sidetracked with a busy weekend (soccer practice, cleaning, meal planning, etc..) and then got even busier when the flu bug decided to visit my youngest. Nothing says a love you more than cleaning vomit out of your child’s favorite stuffed toy!

I’m not going to lie, breaking 35 years of bad eating habits has been hard. Very hard! I’ve had headaches, been left craving sugar  and carbs every day and am more irritable than usual. That said, I am still on track (minus a 3 Musketeers mini bar) and I am down 6 pounds in one week. 🙂

I have a new favorite side dish. Grab a sweet potato, honey and coconut oil. Slice your sweet potato up, combine the honey and coconut oil and place it on your BBQ.  Beta Keratin never tasted this DELICIOUS! It’s simply incredible but because there are still some carbs in sweet potato, go easy and try to enjoy it only once a week (which will be difficult).

I  have found some very creative ways to enjoy the turkey that was cooked last week and for financial reasons, I’ve decided that cooking a whole turkey once a month just makes sense. This week and weekend, found us enjoying sliced turkey with Paleo gravy, turkey salad with roasted walnuts and grapes, stuffed turkey and olive omelets, Cobb Salad and turkey stir fry on cauliflower rice. Everything was delicious and for the cost of the turkey, a great budget saver.

My son is still at home sick,  but once I get the time, I will post the above Paleo recipes.

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