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Yesterday morning, I sat in my doctor’s office with a pink cape draped over my shoulders, pink ribbons plastered on the wall, fat rolls hanging out. I had discovered a lump three weeks ago and at thirty-six, I was about to have my first mammogram. I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t want to be in this position again. I already know what it feels like to hear the word “cancer” .

My mom saved my life. Literally. She had grown tired of hearing me complain and seeing inaction. Why wasn’t I getting things checked out? Why wasn’t I getting a pap smear?  Don’t you know that time is of the essence! Looking back, it seems absurd that I didn’t value my life enough to protect my body. To search out answers, to find out what was wrong.

It was her relentless questioning and persistent encouragement that lead me to see my gynecologist. My cancer was aggressive and without surgery, it would have progressed to Stage 3 in as little as three weeks. At thirty-two, I had a Total Hysterectomy.

Afterwards, I became depressed and turned to food. I can tell you what fast food joint has the tastiest burger, fries, jalapeno poppers, dessert etc…As my knowledge of junk food grew, so did I. I became bigger, got sadder and eventually angrier. Shamefully, I failed to look at being successfully treated for cervical cancer as a second chance.

While my lifestyle was spiraling downwards, my husband’s wasn’t. He was leading by example. He became Paleo. Hypocritically, I would serve up words of support and encouragement, while sneaking away to eat junk food. The last straw for me and what created a renewed desire to change, was realizing that I wasn’t physically fit enough to join my husband and children on a hike. I now know that the food we choose to consume, can eat away at our quality of life, our happiness and in the end, leave us feeling empty.

At the beginning of the month, I decided to overcome my dependency on junk food, to face my fears and to work on making positive changes. Many silent promises were made yesterday morning and with the words “You’re in the clear“, I know those promises will be goals that are achieved. I value my life and my body now. I am Paleo.





  1. Keep up the good work Keri, you must be so proud of yourself. Did you get the all clear or are you waiting to hear back? Thinking about you!

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