Oh! The Places You Will Go!

If you’re a parent, chances are your child has been celebrating Dr.Seuss at school this week…so in honor of a great man that changed my life with the wisdom found in ‘Oh! The Places You Will Go!’…here’s a loving reminder that every choice YOU make, results in the quality of life you have.

Faith, Fitness & Weight Loss Goals

I’m still aiming for my short term goal of breaking the 300 lbs mark and am confident that it’ll happen next week. Next up is a 5 month goal to get to 250 lbs in time for my summer road trip in July.



What’s Important?


Power in Prayer


Lifestyle Change Not Diet


Two things that NEVER go out of style…Clean eating and exercise.

Daily Routines = Success


Being Offended

Learning not to take offense by what others say and do is something I have always struggled with but it’s something I am trying to overcome to become a joyful person.

He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love, but he who repeats or harps on a matter
separates even the closest of friends.
~Proverbs 17:9~

You ARE Beautiful!

Photo Credit: www.nourishandeat.comI’ve been in my upper 100’s, in my 200’s, was halfway to my 400’s and am now fighting to get out of my 300’s. No matter what size I was, society let me know that I didn’t fit their narrow definition of beauty. And I bought into it.

Stop believing the lies the media pushes and realize that the most beautiful thing about someone has NOTHING to do with the size of their pants and everything to do with the size of their heart.




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