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Life begins!


Well, it’s been a busy past few days and I am happy to finally have my husband home! Jon travels quite a bit and when you’re in a state without family and have a handful of friends, there’s not a strong support system in place which makes things stressful for both the kids and I.

I have used this many times as a reason to wander off the Paleo wagon but am now re-teaching myself healthier ways to deal with emotions. Thankfully it’s spring and there’s yard-work to be done, so I have been active outside. I’ve joined DietBet again but this time it’s a 6 month challenge and thanks to all the traveling that Jon does, our first family vacation will be FREE! But that means I will have to wear a bathing suit!!!!

Yes, I will take the plunge and wear a bathing suit…I am tired of letting my size hold me back from participating with my family and am going to ignore the stares of strangers that make me feel ashamed. My body is currently a work in progress along with my attitude and outlook….both are changing and need to step outside their comfort zone and ENJOY LIFE!

Walk Away

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

Be honest…


Don’t be afraid!


30 Second Motivation


Happy Thanksgiving!


30 Second Motivation


I think the only way motivation works is when it changes how you begin to think, redefines your goals or makes you see things differently. Relating this to food, I now look at prepackaged food differently since reading Robb Wolf’s ‘The Paleo Solution’. That book motivated my family to change.

30 Second Motivation


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


I forced myself to go for a walk this morning. The motivation came from Mother Nature herself, I would rather take advantage of beautiful 65 degrees outside than to get on a treadmill. Now since it’s done, I feel great!

NOTE TO SELF: Remember how good it feels to exercise the next time the little voice in my head starts rambling off excuses and tells me I can’t or I shouldn’t

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