Emotional Eating & Positive Thinking

Yesterday I used my anxious energy up by indulging in some emotional eating, today despite an mammogram unknown, I decided not to give into worry or give myself an excuse to eat poorly, instead I put on my shoes and did yard work for a couple of hours.

Fast forward and everyone’s asleep but me. My mind was going in a thousand directions and started imagining the worst, so I made a pointed effort to redirect my focus and made tomorrow’s supper (stuffed peppers), as well as, pushed myself to do a light arm workout.

Thank Patricia for kicking my butt and setting me straight.

Fitbit & Foot Pain

Barely managed to squeak into first this week because my foot started causing me pain. I’m trying to find a balance between being active and going easy because I’m not going to risk re-injuring my foot at any cost. This week my front yard will keep me active and weights will make me sweat.

Fitbit & Foot

ACCOUNTABILITY POST: Yesterday and today were pretty good workout days despite my swollen foot. Thankfully I’ve got my follow up appointment this week…Sure am hoping it’s not another health obstacle

Fitness Accountability Post

Got my Fitbit steps in, struggled big time during my workout to burn calories because my foot is hurting but managed to do 45+ minutes.

Fitness Accountability Post

Didn’t get too much of a workout in today…between a full house, bible study, grocery shopping, meal prepping and feeling crummy, I was exhausted but I certainly hit my Fitbit goal!

Accountability Post: Doing the best I can.

The kids and hubby were home today, all sick so getting steps in was hard. I didn’t reach my goal but tried my best. No guilt here!

Fitness Accountability Post


We are blessed with free will and are given opportunities every minute to make choices that will impact us either positively or negatively. Choose wisely._


NSV & Accountability

I didn’t workout this morning and was hemming and hawing about it until I got inspired by @coffeeandcraziness’s exercise post (Instagram)…so on went my running shoes and I busted my butt to get my BEST EVER workout! 385 calories burned in 40 minutes! With 25 minutes of jogging in place to boot!

Eating was on point today and the scales let me know that I am 5 pounds away from saying goodbye to the 300’s!

Accountability & Confession

I may not not have posted yesterday but I did workout. I’ve noticed that I have to work much harder to burn more calories and from what I’ve read, that’s a good thing. It means my body is getting accustomed to working out…something I never thought possible!

CHEAT: I had a Kroger coupon for a FREE bag of Kettlebrand chips and in hindsight, I should have simply given it away but instead I chose to use it…justifying that it would be given to my children…I ate the entire bag myself in two days. I can’t have cheats in my house right now, I thought my willpower was stronger but I was wrong.

Sweaty Selfie


SWEATY SELFIE: Nobody likes Mondays. Not only is getting back into the weekday routine difficult but for me it’s the first day of working out after a two day break…so it’s best that I just knock it out first thing and then follow it up with bible study. Good for the body, good for the soul!

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