Dairy Free Yogurt & Cashew Milk Recipe

Photo Credit: The Spunky Coconut

Whether at a birthday party being offered a piece of cake or at a grocery store where samples are being handed out, we are faced with choices. Temptation is everywhere. I am trying to substitute my family’s favorites while satisfying our cravings in a manner that best serves the body AND our taste buds. This past year my family has tried countless Paleo recipes. We have given many of our top shelf snacks and dishes up for healthier (and just as tasty, if not tastier) options but…my children continue to crave yogurt.

Last week I realized that there was such a thing as goat’s yogurt ($3.50 for a medium container) and than I discovered Goat Gouda ($12..99 per lb). The kids and adults in the Miller House are happy! But the downfall to discovering both these products, is the price tag that goes along with them. They are expensive! Frankly speaking, we rarely will be able to indulge in them.

And then Just Eating Real Food, shared a Dairy Free Yogurt recipe from The Spunky Coconut and everything fell into place…at least for those in our house that love yogurt 🙂

Dairy Free Yogurt Ingredients

Cashew milk
Coconut milk (canned)
Honey or Coconut sugar
Vanilla Liquid Stevia

Click HERE for the complete instructions.

Cashew Milk Recipe

2 cups of raw cashews 
1 cup of water

Soak overnight and blend the next day. To strain or not to strain? That is up to you.

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