Day 4: Where’s the Sugar?

Oh my god…all I want is bread and sugar in the form of a Wendy’s hamburger and please add a fry to that! My body is in detoxing mode and is having garbage withdrawal. Right now nothing is satisfying. I had a great big Cobb Salad for supper last night but was left craving a cookie, chocolate, juice…something with sugar. Rummaging through our cupboards for something sweet reminded me of an animal digging through trash bins and that’s when I realized how hooked on sugar I was/am. I finally settled on an orange and a French Vanilla tea (which left me thinking of the missing piece to my usual tea combination…a Snickerdoodle cookie).

My pantry never housed bags of chips, tins of candy or Little Debbie snacks. My children brown bag it to school, we drink Almond Milk, have fruit for dessert at times and pair dinner with salad or a veggie. I make a pointed effort to feed my children healthy, balanced meals. Little did I know that the cheese and crackers, rice cakes, oatmeal and peanut butter that I put in their lunch boxes is almost as damaging which really pisses me off! As a parent or hell, just someone trying to eat healthier, our healthy options aren’t healthy at all. We’ve been lied to.

PS-The bushes never got planted (I have mastered the art of procrastination) but that has come back to bite me on the butt because not only do I have a sick child at home today but a 20 degree drop in temperature is expected to hit tomorrow. If my plants survive the shock of being replanted I don’t think they’ll survive the cold weather.

Total Weight Lost: 4 pounds

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