Excuses & Numbers

I am tired of being fixated on what the scale says. I am more than a number.

I am tired of what the tag on my pants say. I am more than a number.

If you’ve been one of those people in my life that constantly reminds me of my number. I am tired of you too!

I am tired of listening to the voice that keeps telling me that the change I want, is too big to achieve…I am stronger than any excuse.

I am tired of being made to feel less than I am. I am more than what you see.

I am tired of letting my insecurities win. I am stronger than that.

The scales have been put away. My inner voice has been told to shut up because starting tomorrow, I begin The Whole 30.

I have no expectations beyond cleansing my body, getting on track and really starting my journey to become someone that doesn’t let bullshit numbers and excuses run their life.

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