Freedom of Choice


What a day to be grateful for! I am blessed to have choices. That means that I have been lucky enough to be born and raised in a country that values democracy and the freedom it brings. I lived in Korea for four years where I was fortunate enough to travel to through out Asia. I have seen real poverty, the fear that crosses a face when questioned about Tiananmen and have been told how envious many are of people that have choices. I will never forget “Wendy” the beautiful Chinese guide, aged 22, telling me that the only places she will ever be able to go are places in her head via books and magazines. I was her age at the time and had never realized just how BLESSED I was until then. Happy Remembrance Day & Veteran’s Day to those that have fought for and continue to fight for the freedom to choose. I can be who I am,  go after my goals and speak my mind. Lest We Forget the people that have given us the freedom of choice.

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