Frosting Chocolate Shots

Photo Credit: Chocolate Covered Katie

Shamefully, I am one of those people that would buy ready-made icing, add a spoon and dig in. Needless to say,  I have a sweet tooth…a big sweet tooth! One of my concerns before dedicating myself to my new Paleo lifestyle had to do with sugar and how I would get my sugar fix.

Luckily, there are many fantastic desserts for those wanting to only eat gluten-free, whole food, Paleolithic treats and during the last year my family has  tried dozens of recipes. Chocolate Frosting Shots taste exactly like chocolate mousse but its healthy!

This easy to make, tasty treat was created by Chocolate Covered Katie and requires only four ingredients! So grab a can of coconut milk, cocoa powder, vanilla and honey and satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilt!

For the complete recipe, please click HERE.

TIP: For mint lovers, try adding some mint extract. 🙂


Thanks, Chocolate Covered Katie!


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