Gelatin & Loose Skin

All this walking these past couple of weeks have helped my circulation and swelling…my shoes are even fitting better! I am beginning to love the muscle twitches I get when I get off the treadmill. It tells me that I am doing something right even if my incline is zero! Like most that are really overweight and are changing their life around, I worry about loose skin when I reach my personal goal……Eating Paleo will help decrease the amount of extra skin I will have but I am wanting to increase my odds further. I am going to start taking Gelatin daily and while I walk, I am going to carry 1-2 lbs. dumb-bells (good-bye arms). To many that doesn’t sound like much weight but because I have no upper body strength, it will be a challenge for me. If anyone has some great stomach toning exercises, I would greatly appreciate being told what they are.
Check this great article from Wellness Mama for all the ways Gelatin can help you 🙂

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