Heirloom lessons

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I am beginning to I realize that this journey is not so much about a number…it’s about getting healthy. Do I need to lose 100+ pounds to be healthier? Yes. But the mere fact of losing weight won’t make me healthy unless I lose it in a healthy manner, eating healthy foods and making better choices for my body. It might seem like a no-brainer but its a lesson that I am finally learning…and thankfully, it’s something my children are being taught.

Breakfasts of cereals and milk are being replaced with scrambled eggs and bacon, lunches with sandwiches are becoming lunches with meat roll ups & chicken salad, Friday Night Pizza has turned into Fool’s Gold Fridays. Desserts are now something that are prepared, planned out and Paleo.

Everything begins at home but I didn’t know that the most important lesson was taught in the kitchen.

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