$imple Ways I Plan to $ave




Money is tight right now and that means that I am looking for ways to save. So I decided to sit down and plan out a few things and made a couple of calls.

1. Cable/Telephone/Internet Bundle
One way I saved BIG last year was getting my cab…le, internet and telephone rolled into one bundle. If you haven’t done this yet, look into it because you will save lots and once the promotional period is up, call them back and see if you can participate again.


2. Credit Card(s)
Phone your credit card company up and see if you qualify for a lower interest rate or a current promotion. 0% interest rates on new purchases for six months can save you lots in interest!


3. Food & Grocery Bills
One of our biggest variable expense is food. It always has been but I am going to begin a challenge. There are two stores in town that have on-going promotions, one has a ‘Pick 5 for $19.99″ Meat Deal and the other has a “Buy 3 for $9.99” Vegetable Deal.


Meat Deal $19.99
Veggie Deal $09.99
Veggie Deal $09.99
Pork Chops (Jon’s Lunches) $08.99
Boar’s Head Deli Meat (Kid’s Lunches) $07.99
Chicken Leg Quarters $07.99
5 Dozen Eggs $08.99
TOTAL: $73.93

My goal is to keep groceries at $90.00 per week (not including tax).

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