Lice…they aren’t very nice.

You want to know how we spent March Break? Forget frolicking in the park, morning at the library  or afternoons at the movie theater, we spent the week combing through long hair, washing and re-washing clothes, bedding, towel and beloved stuffed animals. We spent March Break on Lice Decon!

You name it, we tried it. Chemical treatment. Mayo treatment. Olive oil with Tea Tree treatments. Lice spray. Lice repellent shampoo. We did them all! And thankfully after 10 days, our hard work has been rewarded…our daughter and home is lice free!

Unfortunately, the work of delousing doesn’t come to a halt just because the kids return to school. NOPE! For the next couple of weeks, I will continue to spend hours making sure those nasty ass bugs don’t come back! So, if you see a tired looking woman, with lice repellent spray wiping down the handle bar on her the grocery cart…she’s not crazy, she’s just being cautious!

Here’s a $2.00 OFF coupon just in case you need to get rid of some unwanted house-guests.

SIDE NOTE: My ‘Get Fit For Summer’ Challenge restarts tomorrow 🙂

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