Paleo Kim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 3


Woke up at 8 am and went down to make some coffee, as I was waiting for it to brew NonpaleoMark came down and said “you do realize it is only 7 right?” You screwed me again DST!! Oh well, since I was up I did the crossword, the Sudoku and read the comics and tried to see what was funny in any of them but could not while I waited for my coffee to kick in. Hubby wanted to go out for breakfast but I made him wait while I went to the 9:30 Ashtanga class. 75 minutes of stretchy fun – FYI – DON’T EAT before you go to one of these classes – I have made that mistake before…not pretty! Got home and changed and went for breakfast. I stunk – and so I pointed this out and the only response I got was “And that’s different how?” Now that is true love…going out in public with someone who just worked out, didn’t shower and has no make up on…

BREAKFAST: Broadways was super busy and I was informed many times that it wouldn’t have been nearly as busy if we would have went earlier so it seems that NonpaleoMark is a victim of my yoga. I do have to say that the clientele that comes in for breakfast at 11 is a lot different then the ones who go at 9. The 11 o’clock people look WAY more hungover and are on average 10 years younger. Anyway I ordered two eggs over easy with bacon well done – I asked them to hold the home fries (sob) and the toast and give me lettuce and tomato instead – to make up for the loss of home fries I ordered an extra side of bacon.

LUNCH: Because we ate so late earlier I skipped lunch (I know – not good) but I put some Brussell Sprout chips in the oven on broil for a quick snack. Took the dogs for a walk – only made it 4.94 kms but it was in the forest so there was a lot of up and down.

KIM’S SUPPER: It was my step-father’s 70th birthday party so of course the best place for it was…you guessed it – an Italian restaurant..lucky me! While my cousin next to me had zucchini sticks and lasagna I had lemon filet of sole with veggies and instead of rice I asked for a house salad without dressing. My drink pairing was a continuously filled lemon water. While everyone had a huge piece of cake that looked absolutely delish, I drank a black coffee and filled up on smugness – not very filling…

FAMILY’S SUPPER: Non-Paleo Mark ordered Chicken Fettuccine with a side of Caesar salad, bread and butter and washed it all down with a couple of Stellas – I only mention this so you can share in my pain. Oh yes – he ate a huge piece of cake and kept smiling at me and asking me if I wanted a bite…he’s so supportive….

SNACK: I cut up a green pepper and took half of it and dipped it in some almond butter. I am eating it now while I watch the Walking Dead! So g’night!

~Paleo Kim~

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