Paleo Kim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 4


Woke up at 5:15 and went to Hot Yoga before work. I love doing hot yoga early in the morning but this was the first time I had to warm up the car before leaving. UGHH!! I HATE the cold!

MY LIFE LESSON TODAY: okay so I am usually like the first or second to the yoga studio so I always have my one spot that I go to but because I live in the frozen… wasteland that was Ottawa this morning I got there late and my spot was taken. Usually that would bother me for at least half the class (obsessive much? I know) but I decided that I would not drop kick the lululemon wearing offender in the throat while making it look like it was some Downward Dog gone wrong – I decided that I would use this uncomfortable experience to enjoy a new perspective from my new spot and let it go. This was a major step for me – just ask anyone who has heard my yoga stories – I can be a very angry yoga person (right Megan?). Sorry for that sidebar – onward to my paleo stuff…

BREAKFAST: Yesterday I had made 6 hard boiled eggs so I brought two of them with a small avocado to work – mushed it all up together and ate it with salt and pepper LUNCH: Ate my second last Jalepeno Dijon Chicken breast (no prizes for guessing what my lunch is tomorrow!) and salad that I made on day 1 too – since I am the only paleo person in the house I have LOTS of leftovers so I can get a bit boring with my lunches. Oh yeah – and good luck trying to find anything in my fridge – sometimes I have to spend a good 10 minutes rearranging to make it close

KIM’S SUPPER: When I came home from work I fried up some hamburger, cut up green peppers and a chili pepper and added them to some Classico Tomato and Basil (which is the only spaghetti sauce around here without any added sugar). While that was simmering I took the dogs for a walk – made 4.82 kms but brrrr is it getting cold!! When I got home I used a julienne peeler on two small zuchinnis to make them look like noodles (Nom Nom Paleo calls them Zoodles) and put them in the nuker for 2 minutes. Once they came out I drained them and added some salt and pepper and covered my zoodles with spaghetti sauce.

FAMILY’S SUPPER: Made spaghetti noodles and the nonpaleo peeps were happy.

SNACK: Tonight I had a small cup of unsweetened apple sauce and a coffee with unsweetened coconut milk. OMG!! After supper is when I am want to cheat the most. Thank you bag of Brookside Chocolate Covered Blueberries sitting on the counter – oh how I hate you (hahaha – I just reminded myself of Tard the Grumpy Cat)

~Paleo Kim~

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