Paleo Kim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 7



By writing everything down I have realized A) how boring my eating and my daily ritual is and I am being held accountable by writing things down. So you know what I did this morning – yoga / work /home / dog walk /supper…yada yada yada…

BREAKFAST: Sounds weird but I had the left over pork loin and brocolli from a couple of nights ago and added some yellow and red peppers.

LUNCH: I ate my zuchinni noodles with the last of the spaghetti sauce and had a new tea from David’s Teas called Alpine Punch – it was great.

KIM’S SUPPER: Made the Primal Tex-Mex tortillas and taco seasoning from Mark’s Daily Apple – the taco seasoning is awesome but for the life of me I cannot make those damn coconut flour tortillas right. I added some salsa from Farm Boy – all natural – and half an avocado and lettuce. I just ended up making a kind of taco beef mess on my plate. It looked like crap but it tasted good!

FAMILY’S SUPPER: I used the same seasoning on the beef for the whole family and nobody noticed that it was not Old El Paso. The only difference between our meals is that they had sour cream, taco sauce and cheese.

SNACK: OK so this is the best part of my post!! I just downloaded The 21 Day Sugar Detox book to Kindle and made the Granola Free Banola. I could not believe how well it turned out!! AMAZING! You can use this anywhere you would use granola – grab a handful and shove it in your mouth or better yet – put it in a bowl and pour coconut or almond milk on top and eat it like cereal. I have not had cereal since March when I started my Paleo journey so I am going to have some right now…..

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