Paleo on a Shoestring Budget

$1.75 NUT-rition box (Walmart Clearance)
$1.68 each Thai Kitchen case of 24 (Amazon)
$1.55 Badia Coconut Milk (local store)

We are a single income family. We live on a tight budget and are determined to eat REAL FOOD on that budget. I shop the clearance section, buy in bulk, use coupons when I can and I am always looking for a sale.

All this said, does eating real food cost more? MAYBE. It depends on what you buy and what you make. If you take the time to plan out your meals and shop smart, you will be rewarded. If you make a lot of decedent Paleo meals, buy only top shelf items, and refuse to shop the bulk section or use the odd coupon, then yes, it will cost more.

Big Lots Shopping Spree
$1.80 dried fruit bag
$2.30 Parchment Paper
$3.00 Pure Vanilla Extract
$6.50 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 33.8 fl oz (Big Lots)
$1.00 Oregano
$5.00 Java Time Coffee
~prices do not reflect the additional 20% OFF coupon~

Social Media Savvy Ways to Save

1. Are you a member of Groupon or Living Social? If not, you should be. My family saves lots on dining out, family fun and gifts. You won’t feel the pinch of pricey ingredients when you are saving in other areas.

2. Go “Like” your favorite restaurants/products/companies on Facebook because online promotions & giveaways are always happening.

  • The Outback routinely has Buy 2 Entrees, Save $10 specials
  • In the past, So Delicious has had $1.00 any one product coupons
  • Thai Kitchen currently is sponsoring a $25 gift card giveaway

3. Sites like Honeyville and are perfect places to buy in bulk but did you know that you can sign up for their newsletter and get notified of promotions and coupons?

4. Let’s not forget Whole Foods! Each month new coupons and sales items are announced. You can spend money on paper and ink and print your coupons out, or simply head to your local store and ask where the coupon bulletin board is. Remember that Whole Foods accepts other coupons, so if you pair a manufacturers coupon with a Whole Foods coupon and match it with a sale….well, you’ve hit the jackpot in savings!

$3.99 Bacon, 1.25 lbs (local store)

Clearance Section/Manager’s Special Rack*

Do you know where the Clearance Section is in your grocery store? Go ask. You will find products ranging from toys, to beauty products to organic food. I’ve found Libby’s Canned Pumpkin marked down to $0.50, Larabar Bars Value Packs priced at $3.50, Organic Chocolate Bars for $0.89 and so much more.

Organic Chicken Tenderloins marked 50% off? Filet Mignon for $2.00? The next time you are going by the “Manager’s Special”, stop and check  what meats they have reduced in price. Don’t be shy or embarrassed,  afterall, expensive steaks at exclusive steakhouses have been “aged” for approximately 7 – 14 days.

*do not assume all reduced prices are big money savers.

$5.98 LouAnn Coconut Oil (Walmart)
$6.28 Spectrum Coconut Oil (Amazon)
$5.99 365 Everyday Coconut Oil (Whole Foods with coupon)

What’s in a name?

It isn’t necessary to buy name brand products. Admittedly, most of us like brand names because we associate superior quality with XYZ product. Sometimes that is the case and sometimes it’s not. Either way, pick and choose which brand names are a must for you and what generic products you can trust. This will hopefully offset the cost of buying brand names and at the end of the month balance out.

If buying brand names are NOT in your budget, it’s perfectly okay! People get so uppity because they buy a certain coconut oil or a certain brand of Almond Meal! Don’t be a product snob, be a frugal shopper on a mission to live longer and be healthier while remaining within your monetary boundaries. 🙂

Buy want you can afford.  If you are living a Paleo lifestyle, you are doing great!

$15.98 Planters Cashews, 2lbs (Sam’s Club)
$12.00 Olive Oil, 101 fl oz (Sam’s Club)
$6.98 Pure Vanilla Extract, 1 pint (Sam’s Club)
$4.99 each Coconut Flour, case of 6 (Amazon)

Close-out Stores & Wholesale Stores

Head out to  stores like Big Lots or get a membership for Sam’s Club. Buying at stores that specialize in reduced items or that sell bulk products means one thing…more money in your bank account.

$5.99 Pure Maple Syrup, 12.5 floz (Walmart)
$13.98 Pure Clover Honey, 5lbs (Sam’s Club)
$1.25 Maranatha Almond Butter (Walmart ~ sale)

How does your garden grow?

Raised beds? Potted? Traditional? Whether you live in a house or apartment or you rent or own, you can grow a garden. And by doing so, you will not only produce the tastiest vegetables but you will save a bundle. Plan on getting your Vitamin D the natural way this summer!

Can you afford not to?

Take the time to do a Paleo meal plan for a week (simply Google “Paleo meal plans”) and the next time you think that going Paleo is out of your budget, do one thing. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much do you spend dining out?
  2. How much do your prescriptions cost?
  3. How much would you pay to increase your odds at living a longer, healthier life?

Shop smart,  organize your time and encourage your family to get involved.


  1. I’ve been looking around for various deals on paleo food online and it seems like most couponing sites are geared toward junk food and bulk family grocery type stuff. I suppose its probably because there are so few branded paleo products. Coconut oil/milk/flower, nuts, and spices and that is about it.

    I don’t have a WholeFoods nearby but I’ve been shopping at Cash&Carry and Winco, two of the cheaper stores in my area.

  2. Helpful post. Thank you!
    Linds recently posted..Hello??My Profile

  3. Eating Paleo isn’t super cheap–not like eating the standard American diet (SAD). However, if you decide to drink more water, make simpler meals, and eat out less, you can do okay. I feed a family of 8 and spend about $800 a month. I am trying to get more non-GMO foods and organics into our diet, but it is a struggle!


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