Paleo side effects: Am I Detoxing?

By the end of week two, I have seen some great side effects and some not so great side effects.

  • Overall, I am down 13 pounds, resulting in my pants fitting  better and not requiring the “Suck-in &  Jump” method of zipping up.
  • My skin feels very soft, so I keep touching myself (my arms, people, my arms!). Could this be the result of additional needed fats in my new lifestyle?
  • Despite being very diligent in remembering to take my thyroid meds and all natural progesterone cream, I’ve been dragging my ass this week. I have used this as a reason to not get on my treadmill twice already.
  • Blackheads, bumps, pimples and eczema flair-ups. My skin and scalp has to be detoxing and getting rid of ‘The Grease of French Fries Past’. Pretty picture isn’t it? Yeah, not so much! If my body is detox mode, I see zero point in using chemicals to treat the symptoms and will be going cold turkey with the help of  ZUM products.

It’s one more cup of coffee for me before I begin getting ready to celebrate my neighbors 90th Birthday. We will be eating here before leaving. I will not be tempted by cake, birthday cake, birthday cake with yummy icing, birthday cake with yummy icing that will leave my stomach feeling sick and have me in the bathroom for hours. No, I will not succumb to the illusion of tastiness, instead I will eat  Paleo. It tastes great and does my body good. 🙂

SIDE NOTE: This gentleman is a WW2 Veteran that tells the most fascinating stories about his life,  including;  meeting General Patton, finding a donut machine in Italy during wartime and tracking down ingredients over months to make some for his comrades, being one of the first units to storm Hitler’s Eagle Nest and drinking from his private stash…Oh! The stories this man tells!

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