PaleoKim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 10


FINALLY – double digits and almost halfway there! Good bye snow and hello rain! Got up and went to my Ashtanga yoga class. Did I mention I am starting a yoga instructor course? Yea me!…! The only hard thing I think will be the time commitment (it takes over an entire weekend – Friday 4 – 9 night and Saturday and Sunday from 9-4). Other than that I am totally stoked to do this – I can see myself teaching yoga long after I retire from my main job. Even Non-Paleo Mark seems to be okay with me doing it. It will allow him to spend more time in bed on the weekends without feeling guilty I think. Awww – that’s not fair – he is still working hard on Saturdays even though its freakin’ cold outside.

KIM’S BREAKFAST: After yoga, I came home and shoveled warm-up sausage and kale mix.

KIM’S LUNCH: Went to eat a pepperette stick again mid-afternoon and noticed some mold on a couple of them. GROSS! I ate one yesterday and it really makes me want to throw up now. UGGHHH… Had a salad and since we decided to check out the new THOR movie I packed some sliced cucumber, yellow pepper and radishes to bring with me along with a couple of medjool dates and some banola. I still cannot go to a movie without snacking. Made Non-Paleo Mark stop off at Tim Horton’s and grabbed two XL Peppermint teas. Needless to say I had to pee at all of the great parts in the movie but I stuck it out like a trooper much to my kidneys’ chagrin. BTW Chris Hemsworth really does have the body of a God. I would seriously pray to him (no offence to my religious peeps).


KIM’S SUPPER: I had made some marinated chicken yesterday from Nom Nom Paleo’s iPad app – it is called Fiona’s Phenomenal Green Chicken  so when I got back from the movie I popped that in the oven then quickly ate three chicken thighs. It was great and hot and crispy.


SNACK: Ate the remainder of the banola I had packed for the movie and watched Walking Dead. OMG such a good show!!


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