PaleoKim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 13


Why was yoga so hard today? I’m not sure either but it was – I had no balance. I blame the banola from last night.

KIM’S BREAKFAST: I had absolutely no time this morning to eat the grapefruit (yes I know – I should make time) so I ate some organic trail mix – don’t worry – no peanuts or raisins – it has goji berries and its called the Machu Pichu mix!)

KIM’S LUNCH: Ate some Jalapeno Dijon chicken and salad while I caught up on Sons of Anarchy. Oh Jax – how I love you.

KIM’S SUPPER: Went out for supper with some old friends and caught up on over 15 years of life! We went to Moxies and I ordered the herb crusted chicken with green beans, cherry tomatoes and instead of potatoes I asked for their seasonal roasted veggies which happened to be Brussels sprouts and butternut squash. In all fairness I have to mention that there was a medallion of goat cheese on it and I did eat it. I AM A CHEATER!! Well, not really, goat cheese is Paleo friendly…But everyone else was drinking wine and I stuck with water so I am feeling self righteous anyway. AND I did not eat the warm white chocolate brownie OR the pecan caramel cheesecake. Yes – very self righteous indeed!

FAMILY’S SUPPER: NonPaleoMark had to go to the dentist and based on the takeout bag, he stopped off at St. Huberts for some roasted chicken, fries and, even though he tried to hide it, a piece of sugar pie.

SNACK: No snack tonight – I came home too late and had too much writing to do!!

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