PaleoKim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 15

So today I worked 16 hours and I realized I am not as young as I thought I was! Still went to 6 am yoga and then to work. Stopped at Starbucks for a jolt to get me started!
KIM’S BREAKFAST: Haha grapefruit – who is laughing now? Not you – because you are in my stomach. Your 3 day sojourn ended today.
KIM’S LUNCH: Don’t pretend you don’t know wh…at I ate for lunch! If you don’t know just go back and check out any one of my other posts and chances are pretty good you will get it right!
KIM’S SUPPER: Since we were all working late, my team and I ordered out for Thai – I had Lamb in a lemongrass chili sauce with veggies. Instead of rice I asked for extra veggies! It was good but I am sure I will pay for it tomorrow morning when I start my Yoga Instructor training.
FAMILY’S SUPPER: Not sure since I was not there but I did see a Milano’s pizza box so I can only guess.
SNACK: Ate the rest of the Banola I made earlier in the week while I worked. Got off at midnight and have to be up for a day long training session – uggh – I am way to old for this!

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