PaleoKim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 19


I know right? Look at me grinding these out! I took Tuesday off and cleaned my house – removing and cleaning out all of my cupboards, reorganizing and throwing out stuff like spices that have corn or wheat, sugar cones I bought like 4 years ago and Tomato Soup that has an expiry date sometime in 2009. Honestly, I didn’t even know soup had an expiry date. Go figure. Didn’t go to yoga – just power cleaned…which is workout enough.

KIM’S BREAKFAST: Did not eat breakfast – was too disappointed that the Penzie’s Taco Seasoning has corn in it – that is like the only spice they have that is not paleo I think – but teaches me to assume. Into the garbage it went with all of the Saltless salt tasting chemical seasoning I have bought over the years.

KIM’S LUNCH: Left over hamburger from last night with some salad and some iced tea and lemon.

KIM’S SUPPER: OK – this is either really good or really bad depending on the way you look at it – I am a half-full kinda girl (at least when it comes to things working out better for me that way) so I will look at the positive – I will let you make your own opinion. So I had a hair appointment with one of my BFF’s Tash who is also an amazing hair dresser (I like having friends who can make you look good!) so NonPaleoMark decided that it would be a good idea to go to cheap movie night and meet me there after my appointment. I asked, innocently, “What about supper?” His response was “POPCORN SUPPER!!” Yes that needed to be put in uppercase because he was so happy to say it – Popcorn supper is what we used to have at least twice a month – no supper – just go to the movies and mow down on popcorn and soda. He did that and (this is the half-full part) instead of me joining him at the feedbag I brought a bag of trail mix (no peanuts – very little raisins) and bought two peppermint teas to drink. So I can choose to either say “Yea me” for not falling back to old, horribly bad eating habits or “Booh” for eating some raisins since they are not really 21DSD approved. I say “yea me!”. If it makes any of you feel better to know, I found that bag of trail mix when I was going through my cupboards and after the first handful found out that yes – trail mix should have an expiry date too. Everything tasted a little like plastic…

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