PaleoKim’s Paleo Journey: Part 1


PaleoKim’s Paleo Journey will be a series of short posts because studies say that most people don’t read long posts.

Ok – so I told my sister that I would write something about my Paleo journey and perhaps give some advice to people looking at going Paleo.
The best two best pieces of advice I can think of is to be open to change and to really give it a try.

Not your usual shrugging and mumbling “OK, I’ll try” but a fierce, steely eyed “Come hell or high water I will do this f*&%in’ thing for a if it kills me” try. That is the only way you will accomplish this (or anything else for that matter). You have to be open to change – that means you need to think outside the food box and be able to let go of your food “anchors”. Okay – I couldn’t stop at two pieces of advice – I had to add this third one: You have to be completely honest with yourself and be accountable to someone (if not yourself than your husband, girlfriend, best friend, sister, blog readers – you get the drift). Then like the Nike slogan says “Just Do It”. No excuses – no rationalizing – just fucking do it. Yeah that’s right I said the F-Word – this just got real folks!

When I started last March I really didn’t think I would be able to go without eating bread or cereal or toast or crackers or CHIPS (how I love you Ruffles but alas we can never have the relationship we had before) but with a determined chin I decided that I would TRY. Not lowercase try but really TRY this Paleo thing. I had visited my sister and her husband Jon last November and I saw how much Paleo meant to Jon and how well it had worked for him and I thought of how sick and tired I was of feeling gross and uncomfortable in my own body. So I gave myself a date to start and then I committed to it – I didn’t keep it to myself either – I told my sister, my mom, and my husband and my son what I was going to do and I became accountable to them and myself.

To be continued…


  1. Donna Forbes says:

    I want to read more of Kim’s journey!! Can’t wait for the next installment!


  2. Andrea McCarthy says:

    I’m following along! Like Keri, you are a great writer!

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