30 Day Plank Challenge Day 22 & 23


The laundry pile is done, walk is completed (1.3 miles) but I am one day behind on The Plank Challenge. Today is Day 23 and we’re at 180 seconds…do whatever you need to do to get to that magic number ~ divide, add, multiply. At this time, it’s getting very difficult and I might just have to spread it out. Just think The Arm Challenge is less than a week away.

The Arm Challenge & Extras

Photo Credit: Jodi Higgs

Photo Credit: Jodi Higgs

This might be five days overdue but it’s just in time for a new week! With my weight gain, my arms have gone from toned to droopy bat wings and  I want that to change.  Getting your arms back into shape is supposed to be very hard, so I am starting now…perhaps, I’ll be tank top ready by summertime. 🙂

Many of us are at different stages of physical fitness and some of us need daily motivation to push ourselves  and be inspired, while some of us simply like a daily reminder…whether you are beginning to incorporate exercise into your day or whether you are a fitness pro, challenges are fun!

I noticed with the Plank Challenge, that many people found it very easy and began doubling times, while many of us (ME!) struggled and were dividing then adding to get to the goal. I think with this challenge, having several extras is a great option for many.


Total Body Resistance Bands Beginner

Sculpt Sexy Arms: The Resistance Band Workout (workout video & photos)


Get Them Sexy Arms

10 minute Workout for Tank Arms (workout video)

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