Fitness Accountability Post

Didn’t get too much of a workout in today…between a full house, bible study, grocery shopping, meal prepping and feeling crummy, I was exhausted but I certainly hit my Fitbit goal!

Accountability Post: Doing the best I can.

The kids and hubby were home today, all sick so getting steps in was hard. I didn’t reach my goal but tried my best. No guilt here!

Yesterday’s Accountability Post

Here’s yesterday’s Accountability Post. I tried my best all week to get 8000+ Fitbit steps in, worked out Monday – Friday and remained 100% on Keto. Today is all about meal prepping to ensure, this upcoming week is successful. I have a goal and now since the ball is moving, I’m very determined to remain on track.

Worship & Workout

I really didn’t want to workout this morning, so I ditched my dumbbells and cranked up my worship music instead. I remained active for 40 minutes and had a great time singing and praising along with Jamie Grace! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Early Bird Workout

I’m discovering lots about myself lately. For starters, I always thought I was a night owl but not after a couple of early morning wake-ups…I enjoy getting up when everyone’s asleep, getting my workout in and being able to read in quiet. You know what they say about the Early Bird…

35 minutes = 280 calories burned

Hello February!

Today, I looked in the mirror and saw the results of pushing myself last month. In January, I started focusing on portion size, began making sure I was active in some capacity daily and made sure that I meal planned weekly when my hypothyroid frustration set in.

NSV: My clothes are getting loose !!!

Fitbit Accountability

Still can’t work out but that isn’t stopping me from being active and getting my Fitbit steps in. My goal was reached by noon and over 200 floors were climbed!

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