Blisters & The Bee Gees


It was nice and sunny today which meant that I went for a walk. I much prefer walking outside to the treadmill. I did  1.5 miles in 38 minutes which is slower than the past couple of days because blisters formed half way through and by the end it really hurt. Note to self, ditch the ankle socks. OUCH! But I did it and now I am wondering how I am going to go for walks until they heal.

Everyday is a challenge and these past two nights I have felt a great sense of happiness when I go to bed because I am forcing myself to be active ~ I am not a gym fan and I really envy those that HAVE to workout each day or they feel like something is missing in their day. You know, the type of person that looks for gyms while on vacation instead of being the type of person who is excited because they get to dine at restaurants and NOT workout…I want to be the former. So, if you head to the park and see someone walking on the long path wearing flip flops and humming the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive“, that will be me.

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