Get Sexy Arms Challenge: Day 7

Photo Credit: Jodi Higgs

Photo Credit: Jodi Higgs

I am already noticing a difference in muscle but if I want to notice a difference with fat, I am going to start including 20 minutes of cardio to this.

Day 7 of ‘The Arm Challenge’, the modifications I made are:

*23 seconds of Plank & 23 Cobras (in lieu of 15 push-ups)
*25 dumbbell presses & 20 tricep extensions (in lieu of 20 dips)
*50 bicep curls
*35 second punches
*25 squats


Total Body Resistance Bands Beginner

Sculpt Sexy Arms: The Resistance Band Workout (workout video & photos)


Get Them Sexy Arms

10 minute Workout for Tank Arms (workout video)

Whole 30 Day 24: A New Way of Living

Whole 30 Day 24:

This has been easier than I originally thought and I am so glad I did this! I have discovered new foods, the joy of ice cold water and am beginning to enjoy exercising (I NEVER thought I would say that! EVER!), but there’s something about sweating from every pore that gives me a sense of accomplishment…and that makes me proud. I am undoing many years of bad habits and a poor lifestyle day by day. Please if you are on the fence about either Paleo, doing a Whole 30 Challenge or a 21-Day Sugar Detox, just do it. It’s ONLY 30 days and I promise you, your life will be changed & your eyes will be opened to a whole new way of LIVING!

Whole 30 Day 6

Prove me wrong…PLEASE!

Despite our 7 year age difference, my sister and I are very close. Growing up there wasn’t any sibling rivalry or fighting. I looked forward to every second weekend when I would visit my Dad because that meant I would get to see her. Kim has always and will always be someone that I look up to (despite our height differences), someone that I admire and someone I am proud of. She is beautiful inside and out, quick with a joke, laid back and easy going. She is opinionated, adventurous and always supportive.

Ironically, it was the detailing of the positive changes that came alone with my husband’s Paleo lifestyle that inspired her to do TheWhole30. She did it, has completely embraced her new way of eating and is now inspiring me with her words of challenge.

Yes Kim, I will gladly phone on Day30 to let you know that I have broken my past eating habits and have built the necessary foundation towards a healthy me.

Day 6/30

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