Paleo Kim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 9

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You know what I love? I love Saturdays!! I slept in til’ 9 and then puttered around the house making breakfast, walking the dogs in the forest then going s…hopping then making a marinade for my chicken that I will be eating Sunday for supper then seeing it start to snow then crying a little then getting mad at the snow then realizing I am getting angry at inanimate objects then realizing I am okay with that then realizing I am woefully unprepared for winter then going out and blowing too much money on new winter boots and a jacket then finishing this run-on sentence.

KIM’S BREAKFAST: You know what I do NOT love? Kale! I made Sausage and Kale Saute because I needed to get rid of the kale I have in my fridge. I keep making myself try it because it is so good for me but I really can’t find a silver lining for kale. This is the only thing that comes close – I got the recipe from Paleo Spirit. I used hot sausage to give it a bit of a kick. Not only is it edible – I would actually eat it again (and I will since I have leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast)

KIM’S LUNCH: Since I had breakfast late, I didn’t really eat a lunch but I munched on some of that yummy banola, a date and a pepperette stick.

KIM’S SUPPER: A friend at work is a crazy gardener and she always gives me veggies from her garden. Last week she gave me a bread bag full of parsley so today I made chimichurri. Le me just tell you that I LOVE chimichurri! I eat it by itself but put it on steak and I am in heaven – chimichurri has everything – tang – spice – saltiness. I can’t get enough – so I have to give you the recipe that I have been using and loving – and you really can’t screw it up. Recipe is at the end of the post. I made a huge salad for the rest of the week and had that with sliced steak and Chimichurri. Click HERE for the Chimicurri recipe I made.

FAMILY’S SUPPER: NonPaleoMark ate left over pizza and Matt was MIA for the entire day again. (Ahh the life of an 18 year old!)

SNACK: For some reason I really needed something to eat tonight so I cut up an granny smith apple and dipped it in almond butter. I also bought a whole bunch of blueberry pomegranate tea and made some to drink cold.

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