PaleoKim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 16


Today was a super long day as was yesterday so I apologize for the really shorts posts. I am just beat!

KIM’S BREAKFAST: Today was my first day of training and I had no idea what to expect! I got up and ate a banana since I did not want too much in my stomach before yoga. I didn’t even drink a cup of coffee. Just had some water in the car on the way there. We did a hatha yoga class then did a 2 hour workshop on Doshas and Aryuvena. Very interesting! Note to self – buy a book by Deepak Chopra.

KIM’S LUNCH: We had an hour for lunch so I raced home to feed the dogs, eat some lunch – chicken with brussell sprouts and mushrooms – and say goodbye to that pesky lamb from last night (TMI I know but I was completely regretting that eating decisions from the minute we starting doing twists).

KIM’S SUPPER: It was Christmas at Dad’s (they head to Mexico for 4 months and leave in a couple of weeks), so we went there and ordered St. Hubert’s chicken, played crib and euchre and drank water with lime!

FAMILY’S SUPPER: Not sure since I was not there but I did see a Milano’s pizza box so I can only guess.

SNACK: Since I had no banola left I made some more after we got home. This time I made it with walnuts since I was out of pecans. I’m not liking the walnuts as much. I also added some pepitas and a couple of dried goji berries. That made up for the walnuts.

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