Accountability Post: Doing the best I can.

The kids and hubby were home today, all sick so getting steps in was hard. I didn’t reach my goal but tried my best. No guilt here!

Workweek Hustle Champ

Got my 8000+ Fitbit steps in every day last week and planning to do the same this week._

If you think you will, you will.
If you think you won’t, you won’t.

Plank Challenge Day 12 & Rest Tomorrow


Oh-oh, I knew it hoped it would NOT happen but it did…I forgot to post yesterday Plank Challenge time because I did not do it (argh, sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to swallow). I offer you my apologies and swear it will not happen again. Now we are up to 90 seconds. 90 SECONDS!!! Did  you think that would be possible day one?

Again, whatever set you doing, Be proud! Be very, very proud!

*3 sets of 30
*20 sets of 45
*1 set of 90

Feel free to comment on Facebook to let others know that you are still participating.

Gelatin & Loose Skin

All this walking these past couple of weeks have helped my circulation and swelling…my shoes are even fitting better! I am beginning to love the muscle twitches I get when I get off the treadmill. It tells me that I am doing something right even if my incline is zero! Like most that are really overweight and are changing their life around, I worry about loose skin when I reach my personal goal……Eating Paleo will help decrease the amount of extra skin I will have but I am wanting to increase my odds further. I am going to start taking Gelatin daily and while I walk, I am going to carry 1-2 lbs. dumb-bells (good-bye arms). To many that doesn’t sound like much weight but because I have no upper body strength, it will be a challenge for me. If anyone has some great stomach toning exercises, I would greatly appreciate being told what they are.
Check this great article from Wellness Mama for all the ways Gelatin can help you 🙂

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