PaleoKim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 21

WHOOOOOHOOO!! I did it and hardly cheated at all!
So this is my very last post about this 21 day challenge. To be honest it was easier than I thought it would be but I don’t eat much sugar anyway so that probably helped. What I did find though was that I lost some weight and I feel like I have a lot more energy than I did before. Before starting the 21 DSD I was allowing little cheats to creep up on me – like starting to put a little cream in my coffee, eating a handful of Brookside chocolate covered blueberries every night and once a week having popcorn at the movies. Doing that completely stopped my weight loss – I had plateaued – Enter 21 DSD – as of Saturday (the last time I weighed myself) I had lost 7 lbs – hopefully it is 8 or 9 lbs now but I won’t check until Saturday at the earliest.
KIM’S BREAKFAST: I brought an avocado and 2 hard boiled eggs that I boiled the night before – only to find that I did not boil my eggs long enough to peeling the shell was impossible and the yolks weren’t entirely cooked through – gross – so I threw those out and thought – oh well at least I can eat my avocado….not so much – turns out I picked the least ripe one and it was so hard that I couldn’t get the skin off of it either – I forced 1/2 of it down anyway and ate my apple that I had saved for lunch.
KIM’S LUNCH: I cut up a yellow pepper and ate it with some salad and the rest of the chicken from the fridge.
KIM’S SUPPER: Bbq’d some steak and nuked a sweet potato – ate that with some salad before going for a dog walk with my two BFFs (that really makes me sound like I am 15 I know) Candice and Tash. The walk was originally supposed to cheer Tash up but I ended up hogging all of the talking to go on about my husband and my son – sorry Tash.
SNACK: Don’t know yet! Most likely will eat some banola while playing Candy Crush before bed. Well – that is it peeps! Thank you for reading and for your encouragement and I can tell you that writing this journal totally kept me accountable so I guess it is true – if you want to meet a goal – tell that goal to someone else and you will be more accountable. Am I going to go sugar crazy now and eat all the chocolate in sight? No – I worked too hard these last 21 days to let it go to waste but that doesn’t mean that you are safe if you are a lone chocolate covered blueberry walking the streets after dark…Peace out! Kim

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