Fitness NSV

Eating was pretty on track today, minus the two roasted marshmallows I enjoyed at the campfire, but who can say no to ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS?_

NSV: Hubby was home today, and I confess to wanting to impress him so I pushed myself and jogged for 16 consecutive minutes…A NEW RECORD! Overall, not a bad day!_

Lifestyle Change Not Diet


Two things that NEVER go out of style…Clean eating and exercise.

NSV: Non Scale Victory

When I wore these jean capris this summer, they were tight. My hanging belly really showed and a roll hung over the waist band. I put them on today because the weather is nice and got a BIG surprise! My roll is smaller and my hanging belly is shrinking! Daily choices, turn into habits, that equal a lifestyle change..YEAH!

NSV ALERT: One step at a time!

I slept in today, so my free morning time was limited but my drive to burn at least 200 calories before my day officially started was in high gear…In order to accomplish that, it meant I had to push myself. So I cranked up my music and I JOGGED…not for a minute or two but for a total of NINE MINUTES! (in 24 minutes)

Worship & Workout

I really didn’t want to workout this morning, so I ditched my dumbbells and cranked up my worship music instead. I remained active for 40 minutes and had a great time singing and praising along with Jamie Grace! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

February Goal & Accountability


My February goal is to be under 300 pounds by the time I go to the Toby Mac concert on the 23rd. So that means meal prepping, being active and remaining disciplined. I am ready to be a GOAL BUSTER!

Fitbit Accountability

Still can’t work out but that isn’t stopping me from being active and getting my Fitbit steps in. My goal was reached by noon and over 200 floors were climbed!

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