Are you willing to see?

Photo Credit: unknown

I haven’t gotten on the scales in over a month and I don’t plan too change that any time soon. Slowly, I am beginning to take back the power that I have given the scales all these years. I am beginning to feel good about myself because I li…ke who I am. Recognizing this has resulted in me beginning to treat my body with kindness, instead of self-loathing. For too long, I medicated pain with food and have concentrated on short comings instead of acknowledging blessings and positives. Learning to love yourself starts with treating your body with respect and that comes down to feeding it properly and exercising it regularly. My body is one of a kind, just like me.

Is anyone up for changing how they view themselves, life, situations? If so, let me know and I will post links & tips for starting a Gratitude Journal.

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