Fitness Accountability Post


We are blessed with free will and are given opportunities every minute to make choices that will impact us either positively or negatively. Choose wisely._


Accountability & Confession

I may not not have posted yesterday but I did workout. I’ve noticed that I have to work much harder to burn more calories and from what I’ve read, that’s a good thing. It means my body is getting accustomed to working out…something I never thought possible!

CHEAT: I had a Kroger coupon for a FREE bag of Kettlebrand chips and in hindsight, I should have simply given it away but instead I chose to use it…justifying that it would be given to my children…I ate the entire bag myself in two days. I can’t have cheats in my house right now, I thought my willpower was stronger but I was wrong.

Fitbit Accountability

I’m posting this because I don’t want to get lax with holding myself accountable. Monday to Friday, I’m working out and trying my best to get 8000+ Fitbit steps.

NSV ALERT: One step at a time!

I slept in today, so my free morning time was limited but my drive to burn at least 200 calories before my day officially started was in high gear…In order to accomplish that, it meant I had to push myself. So I cranked up my music and I JOGGED…not for a minute or two but for a total of NINE MINUTES! (in 24 minutes)

Yesterday’s Accountability Post

Here’s yesterday’s Accountability Post. I tried my best all week to get 8000+ Fitbit steps in, worked out Monday – Friday and remained 100% on Keto. Today is all about meal prepping to ensure, this upcoming week is successful. I have a goal and now since the ball is moving, I’m very determined to remain on track.

Whole 30 Day 30: Challenge Complete

Whole 30 Day 30


If you ask those that know me, they will say that I have little to no will power…that is until I get motivated and what I call “The Switch” happens. Well, it happen!

In 30 Days I have come to know my body better, what it likes, doesn’t like, when it’s hungry, what food satisfies it and that it really does like to sweat.

In 30 days, all my clothes fit much better, my skin is super soft, my psoriasis has calmed down and my shoes are more comfy!

My current weight is not important, what is important is the number that disappeared…and that number is 25 ~ making my total 45 pounds. I have a long way to go (approximately 100 pounds) to reach my goal but with hard work and healthy eating it will happen…My work is just beginning and a new phase begins…The exercise phase!

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