DESSERT’S RECIPE: Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sunday’s the day I meal prep for the week. Beyond lunches and suppers, I prepare for times when I crave something sweet – this is how I’ve stayed on track without “cheats” since January 1st.

This week’s Sweet Treats include:

1. Paleo banana bread for hubby (bananas were going bad).
2. Paleo apple tartlets for the kids (apples were getting soft).
3. Mini-Keto Buckeyes for me (found dark chocolate on sale).

AND these incredibly easy and tasty Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Low Carb Diet. Yum!

Fitbit & Carb Accountability Post

Got a workout in and made my Fitbit goal, plus, ate clean. A little high on protein and too low on healthy fats but kept my carbs under 10% (25 grams).

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