PaleoKim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 11


Half way there!

Back to work and back to 6 am hot yoga! I so wanted to sleep in today!

KIM’S BREAKFAST: Had a busy morning but managed to eat a grapefruit between 8 and noon.

KIM’S LUNCH: Had a lunch date with my BWF (best work friend) MDR. She went to Ithica for a Lacrosse tournament and brought me back a New York Starbucks mug – she is so sweet and knows how much I love presents. I had the last of my steak with Chimichurri with a salad.

KIM’S SUPPER: Brought back the boots I bought on Saturday for a half size bigger. Non-Paleo Mark made a good point that you should always buy your winter boots half a size to accommodate for socks. I hate it when he’s right especially when it comes to clothes. Anyway – made some of that Jalapeno Dijon Chicken that I love and while I let it marinade I took the dogs out – in the cold and pouring rain! Those dogs are so lucky! I had baked the chicken in the oven and had it with salad.

FAMILY’S SUPPER: I made curry chicken with rice – that is always a favorite here and Matt and his girlfriend just came home in time to eat the remains. No leftovers for Mark…

SNACK: After supper I made the 21 DSD Chocolate Pudding with banana and avocado – it was pretty awesome! It was enough for three ramekins so I put two in the fridge for tomorrow and the next day and ate one with some tea. That’s it!

Counting Sheep


ARGH! For some reason my body keeps waking up at 3:30 AM and not letting me go back to sleep Good thing about that is I get the house to myself for a couple of hours and can read and help hubby with breakfast, plus was able to cut the grass before the temperatures got too high to breathe. Downfall, I’m tired before 6 PM. Thankfully, supper is easy ~Jalapeno Dijon Grilled Chicken with fresh cucumbers & tomatoes.

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