My Arm Challenge


On top of the Plank Challenge, I am thinking I need to start an Arm Challenge. My arms are huge and have lost all the muscle they once had. For various reasons, I have gained a lot of weight. Some due to very poor choices, some due to medical issues. Putting myself and my flabby arms out into cyberspace in the form of photos for everyone to see would be great motivation for me to begin doing arm exercises. Anyone else wanting to participate? If you said yes,  simply comment on my Arm Challenge post  and updates on Passion for Paleo’s Facebook page.

Reintroducing Paleo to family

Photo Credit: Enjoy Your Cooking

I haven’t seen my parents in over two years.  They live in Canada, I live in the States and like most families, money is tight, but tomorrow they arrive for a month long visit. I’ve eagerly shared my husband’s progress with them, let them know about Mikaela & Aidan’s eating lifestyle, and have informed them that I too, am now Paleo. I will only be making Paleo breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts the entire time they are here.

After seeing the changes in Jon and the kids, I bought them “The Paleo Solution” and “Everyday Paleo”. They tried it for a couple of months and loved it, but just around that time, the media began campaigning against Paleo.

Doctors, family and friends started informing them that Paleo was bad. That eating meat and vegetables was not good! The body needed to have rice and dairy! No one could live without processed food!  This was not practical!

And so, slowly old eating habits returned along with the symptoms they cause. Recently my step-dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Type 2 Diabetes, meanwhile, my mom continues to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

They say that habits can be broken in three weeks, well, I’ve got four…wish me luck!

SIDE NOTE: Because it’s not just eggs and bacon, what recipe would you make to show them how amazing eating Paleo is?

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