Food Prepping


Prepping for the week and setting myself up for success. Crockpot Thai pork chops for hubby’s lunch, Bratwurst solo, chopped or crumbled for a variety of recipes, all natural hot dogs for the kids, oven roasted chicken for today’s late lunch and what’s that I see in the corner? Yes, we’re making jerky for some quick and tasty grab snacks. Not only does being organized make dinners much easier but it is a money saver…last month we saved $300 by meal planning.

Don’t give up!

A month back my best friend decided to do a 30 Day Paleo Challenge. She was doing great! Feeling wonderful, seeing amazing results and then a lack of meal planning made excuses easier to accept and she stopped. In her own words:

“So I’ve been totally off the Paleo wagon for about 1.5 weeks…..I mean completely! I totally hate to admit this but this weekend I just felt like complete trash! My stomach is bloated, I feel exhausted and miserable and I’m starting to relate it to the good I eat…..I’m thinking the biggest culprit is sugar and gluten SO I am back on the wagon tomorrow…..Paleo muffins are in the oven. I miss that light feeling I was having. My body seems to do best when I am 80/20….my friend, I think you might be on to something… challenging as it is…..I have to admit I feel so much better eating that way! Official restart weigh in tomorrow morning! I hate when you are right”

My dear friend, it is nothing about being right…it is everything about wanting both of us healthy and feeling great. I love you girl!

Meal Plan Week Two

Week Two finds me craving bread and sugar. The past has shown me that this is usually the week that is the hardest for me, so meal planning is very important. I want to succeed and I have a budget that I need to live within…a meal plan helps with both.


Garlic Beef Tenderloin with Stuffed Tomatoes

So Good For You Paleo Chili with Coconut Flour Biscuits*

Pineapple Chicken Balls over Savory Cauliflower Fried Rice

Fajita Steak Strips with Garden Salad

Thai Larb Salad Wraps with Garlic Shrimp in Coconut Oil

Outback Restaurant

Coconut Curry Tilapia (breaded with almond meal) served with Indian Style Slaw

*The Coconut Flour Biscuits were a first for our family and what a wonderful treat (Thank you, A Girl Worth Saving!). These are incredible and left me thinking of other ingredients that could be added to it. I wonder how green onions and goat gouda cheese would taste? Or if it could be sweetened up for a dessert with honey and cinnamon drizzled on top.

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