Honey and Bee Pollen

Photo Credit: FoodMatters.tv

Photo Credit: FoodMatters.tv

Not only does your local beekeeper sell honey but chances are they also sell bee pollen. I discovered this a couple of days ago when I was picking up a jar of sweetness and noticed a container of golden grains beside it. I am curious if taking pollen daily makes a noticeable  difference during allergy season. That said, I have read many people say that eating Paleo has made a huge difference.

Want to know more, check out Food Matters article “10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bee Pollen“.

Homemade Elderberry Syrup



If you’ve seen the price of Elderberry Syrup in stores ($13.99+), you know how expensive it is…That’s where Wellness Mama comes in. Click HERE for a simple recipe for DIY Elderberry Syrup.

Now not only do I have to find where to get Elderberries but I have to make in time for flu season.

Itchy Scalp

One of my biggest problems, is that I share too much…and this post is just another example of it. I have psoriasis of the scalp. YUCK! Unlike my Dad and sister, I lucked out  and have it on my scalp! Not my hands, legs or stomach but my scalp. To make matters worse, I have dark brown hair…This has been an embarrassing problem since my early 20’s which has led me to try many products in attempts to control it. From chemical ridden dandruff shampoos, to all natural leave-in treatments…nothing has help. Until now.

I’m on Day 5 of  The Whole 30 and I have noticed that my fingers aren’t  finding their way to my head as much. The itchiness is lessening and my scalp is thanking me for finally deciding to change my life.

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