Day 1: Ch-ch-changes!

Today is officially day one. I prepped by allowing myself a Heath chocolate bar and half a vanilla ice cream pint last night and am feeling the side effects today. AHHHH! Just another reason to say good-bye to dairy products, so long to grains, adios to processed garbage and hello to whole foods. How will I fair by eating meat, veggies and small amounts of fruit? Robb Wolf reports in his book “The Paleo Solution” that our Paleolithic ancestors had stronger bones and less disease.

Made myself a scrambled egg and am now off to plant some Knockout Rose bushes (8) before we welcome the cold weather. Thankfully, Lowes had them marked down, making it easier on my pocket book. Maybe I should take that as a sign that I’m the only idiot in town planting in October.

Anyway, must keep myself busy…sugar cravings are already starting.

Total Weight Lost: 0 pounds

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