Emotional Eating & Positive Thinking

Yesterday I used my anxious energy up by indulging in some emotional eating, today despite an mammogram unknown, I decided not to give into worry or give myself an excuse to eat poorly, instead I put on my shoes and did yard work for a couple of hours.

Fast forward and everyone’s asleep but me. My mind was going in a thousand directions and started imagining the worst, so I made a pointed effort to redirect my focus and made tomorrow’s supper (stuffed peppers), as well as, pushed myself to do a light arm workout.

Thank Patricia for kicking my butt and setting me straight.

NSV & Accountability

I didn’t workout this morning and was hemming and hawing about it until I got inspired by @coffeeandcraziness’s exercise post (Instagram)…so on went my running shoes and I busted my butt to get my BEST EVER workout! 385 calories burned in 40 minutes! With 25 minutes of jogging in place to boot!

Eating was on point today and the scales let me know that I am 5 pounds away from saying goodbye to the 300’s!

Fitness NSV

Eating was pretty on track today, minus the two roasted marshmallows I enjoyed at the campfire, but who can say no to ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS?_

NSV: Hubby was home today, and I confess to wanting to impress him so I pushed myself and jogged for 16 consecutive minutes…A NEW RECORD! Overall, not a bad day!_

NSV: Non Scale Victory

When I wore these jean capris this summer, they were tight. My hanging belly really showed and a roll hung over the waist band. I put them on today because the weather is nice and got a BIG surprise! My roll is smaller and my hanging belly is shrinking! Daily choices, turn into habits, that equal a lifestyle change..YEAH!

NSV ALERT: One step at a time!

I slept in today, so my free morning time was limited but my drive to burn at least 200 calories before my day officially started was in high gear…In order to accomplish that, it meant I had to push myself. So I cranked up my music and I JOGGED…not for a minute or two but for a total of NINE MINUTES! (in 24 minutes)

Hello February!

Today, I looked in the mirror and saw the results of pushing myself last month. In January, I started focusing on portion size, began making sure I was active in some capacity daily and made sure that I meal planned weekly when my hypothyroid frustration set in.

NSV: My clothes are getting loose !!!

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