Keri’s 21 DSD: Day 2


DAY TWO of 21DSD: Leftover chicken with salsa and guacamole for breakfast I have gone back to using coconut milk in my coffee too.
Yesterday, I tried on a freshly washed pair of jeans and they were tight, even my shirts weren’t loose like …they have been. Enjoying too much dark chocolate and too many dates & fruit has finally caught to me and the end result has been a 10 pound gain. I think I sabotage myself. I start losing, feeling great, my clothes start making me smile because they fit and feel better and I take that as an opportunity to REWARD myself by over indulging in my sugar filled weaknesses. I struggle with just having one, I want three or four and that’s when things unravel. I am so glad that I am challenging myself with The 21-Day Sugar Detox . Challenges motivate me, they change me physically and more importantly they change my mindset. I learned a lot doing the #Whole30 and I need a refresher course to get back to where I was then.

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