PaleoKim’s Paleo Journey: Part 1


PaleoKim’s Paleo Journey will be a series of short posts because studies say that most people don’t read long posts.

Ok – so I told my sister that I would write something about my Paleo journey and perhaps give some advice to people looking at going Paleo.
The best two best pieces of advice I can think of is to be open to change and to really give it a try.

Not your usual shrugging and mumbling “OK, I’ll try” but a fierce, steely eyed “Come hell or high water I will do this f*&%in’ thing for a if it kills me” try. That is the only way you will accomplish this (or anything else for that matter). You have to be open to change – that means you need to think outside the food box and be able to let go of your food “anchors”. Okay – I couldn’t stop at two pieces of advice – I had to add this third one: You have to be completely honest with yourself and be accountable to someone (if not yourself than your husband, girlfriend, best friend, sister, blog readers – you get the drift). Then like the Nike slogan says “Just Do It”. No excuses – no rationalizing – just fucking do it. Yeah that’s right I said the F-Word – this just got real folks!

When I started last March I really didn’t think I would be able to go without eating bread or cereal or toast or crackers or CHIPS (how I love you Ruffles but alas we can never have the relationship we had before) but with a determined chin I decided that I would TRY. Not lowercase try but really TRY this Paleo thing. I had visited my sister and her husband Jon last November and I saw how much Paleo meant to Jon and how well it had worked for him and I thought of how sick and tired I was of feeling gross and uncomfortable in my own body. So I gave myself a date to start and then I committed to it – I didn’t keep it to myself either – I told my sister, my mom, and my husband and my son what I was going to do and I became accountable to them and myself.

To be continued…

Paleo Kim’s 21 Day Sugar Detox Journal Entry – DAY 6

OMG – Day 6 was sooo busy! Hot Yoga – work – walk dogs – make supper for the family – go to Ashtanga Yoga – home to eat my supper, do dishes and laundry then bed. Ugghhh…I try to get at least 7 hours sleep every night but I can’t do it! Now that I am in my mid (almost mid) forties I can’t for the life of me stay sleepin…g for more than 3 – 4 hours. I wake up to pee – then my dogs have to go pee and the fact that they cannot seem to coordinate their pee times with each other I have to let them out at least twice a night – usually at 2 then at 4:30 (since I get up at 5:15 every morning the 4:30 pee time is obviously my favorite especially since Fyn is the slowest dog in the world to pee and then when he finally comes back in he has to spend the next 20 minutes scratching his neck just so I can hear his metal collar thing go back and forth. As my friend Candice says, “Holy Monkey!” – that dog really doesn’t know how close he has come to being murdered some mornings. Anyway…

BREAKFAST: Being very original and interesting I had two hard boiled eggs and an avocado…nuff said…

LUNCH: I originally brought my lamb curry meatballs and cauliflower to eat but the chicks at work really wanted to go out so we went for pho instead. I got my usual – vermicelli chicken with no vermicelli and no fish sauce. They bring a pot of jasmine tea to the table so that is what I drink – and it is free!

KIM’S SUPPER: Because I didn’t want to eat before my yoga class I waited until around 7:30 to eat my supper but I had a couple of the cinnamon cookies that I made from the 21 day sugar detox book. When I did come home I just reheated the lamb curry meatballs and cauliflower rice.

FAMILY’S SUPPER: I made homemade pizza with green peppers and pepperoni. It was quick and easy. I love kids (well my son is 18 so not really a kid I guess). I phoned him to tell him that if he wanted anything at the grocery store to put it on the Anylist. If you don’t know what Anylist is – it is like my favorite app for the iPhone. it lets people share a grocery list so when I go shopping I ask Marc and Matt to add what they want and then it all shows up on my list for when I get to the store! Its free and it saves a lot of time. Back to my story…I asked Matt if he was going to be home for supper and he said that he might be home but he was probably going to eat at the mall with his girlfriend. Then he asked me what we were having. The words “home made pizza” barely left my lips and he said “Oh Yea I will be home!”. Is that the secret to keeping them home?

SNACK: No snack tonight – only my presupper cookies. But I did go to Bulkbarn to buy all the ingredients needed for 21 Day Sugar Detox Banana Granola (I can’t remember the real name). Peace out.

Paleo Kim’s Introduction

Hi everyone,This is Passion for Paleo’s sister Kim – Keri has asked me to come on a post in order to make me more social about my Paleo and my efforts involved to be all “Paleoy”. Since I started a 21 day sugar detox and I am doing the plank challenge as well and because misery loves company, I agreed to post once a day if I could (or felt like it – I am the older sister you know so I refuse to give her what she …wants).

Here is some simple addition that results in me:
Add the following: Always relatively active (scuba instructor in my twenties / went to the gym once in a while ) + Quit smoking twice + Hate cooking so quick and convenient meals for me and the family it is = a 43 year old woman who never thought she would have weight issues but realizes she needs to do SOMETHING!
Over the last 10 years I went on weight watchers and never really seemed to lose – I tried Herbal Magic which did work until I stopped buying their ridiculously expensive pills. Fast forward to last March when I started my Paleo diet (scratch that – life style change) to lose 50 – 60 lbs. It was easier than I thought even though neither my husband or son eats that way (I now make two meals most nights!) but I am down almost 40 lbs.
Everyone I know tells me I look great and I am vain enough to want to keep hearing it but what truly makes me feel great about myself is that I refound my love for yoga (Ashtanga especially) and I am stronger and more fit than I have been since before I met my husband (some of it is still hiding under a bit of fat but the muscles are there)! If you want to follow along on my 21 day journey (or better yet – join me!) please read my posts and comment!
~Paleo Kim~

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