Plank Challenge Day 12 & Rest Tomorrow


Oh-oh, I knew it hoped it would NOT happen but it did…I forgot to post yesterday Plank Challenge time because I did not do it (argh, sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to swallow). I offer you my apologies and swear it will not happen again. Now we are up to 90 seconds. 90 SECONDS!!! Did  you think that would be possible day one?

Again, whatever set you doing, Be proud! Be very, very proud!

*3 sets of 30
*20 sets of 45
*1 set of 90

Feel free to comment on Facebook to let others know that you are still participating.

Plank Challenge: Day 10


I’m putting together a 30 Day Arm Challenge and will hopefully have it up later tonight as well as a photo of my treadmill time. I’m not going to let the rain stop me! With that said, how was Day 10 of the Plank Challenge? We’re up to 60 seconds now…a far cry from 20! A big congratulations to those participating!

Plank Challenge: Day 9


Day 9 of the Plank Challenge, Day 1 of the Arm Challenge is soon here, is there any other challenge I forgot to mention? 🙂 If you are planking, today’s time is 60 seconds!! (30 + 30 OR 60 + 60). I am starting my day off with a walk, will do my plank and will figure out rubber tension bands and start my arm transformation. Any exercise I do right now will be better than what I haven’t done. You gotta start somewhere!

Plank Challenge: Day 8


It’s Day 8 of the Plank Challenge you are up to 45 seconds anyway you can. Divide it, multiple it, just do it…which I know you can!

Plank Challenge: Day 7


UGG, Darn daylight saving time and clocks that DON’T automatically adjust to it. My children were up and at ’em at 7:30 am this morning (or 6:30 am real time). No extra sleep for me. With that complaint out of the way, it’s Day 7 of the Plank Challenge and it’s up to 45 seconds!!! How are people doing? Is this a family challenge, a struggle, or is it easy peasy?

Plank Challenge: Day 5


Get ready for Day 5 of Planking…You’re now up to 40 seconds. It’s up to you if your break it up into two 20 seconds or times it by two and do two 40 seconds. I hope everyone is doing great on this. I am still at dividing it but it’s getting much easier

Plank Challenge: Day Four


Day 4 of the Plank Challenge and we are holding at 30. Again, if 30 is too easy, do two sets but if it is too hard, split it up into two sets of 15 seconds. You’ve got this!

Plank Challenge: Day Three


Day 3 of the Plank Challenge is here!! We’re now up to 30 seconds, complete this task any way you want, two 15 seconds or two 30 seconds! For those that are finding it hard, get on your knees and extend your arms, so that the pressure is off you legs. This is an easier Plank for those that are struggling…For those that are doing traditional planks (a la naked woman in the plank photo), keep doing what you’re doing! Have a super day!!

Plank Challenge: Day Two


It’s Day 2 of the Plank Challenge!!! YEAH!!! So to build up your planking abilities, today is a repeat of day one…If you are a beginner, try and do 20 seconds, if you have done these before, push yourself to do a few seconds longer! GOOD LUCK!

Plank Challenge: Day One


Welcome to “The 30 Day Plank Challenge“! So who’s ready for DAY ONE of Planking? Today the challenge is 20 seconds. Now if you can’t do 20 seconds in one go, break it up into two back to back 10 seconds. No one is going to get mad. This is all about challenging yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone…By Day 30, you (and I) will be beyond 20 seconds and it’s going to be the result of pushing ourselves. GOOD LUCK!

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